Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I was looking forward to this summer because I do not have to teach, and I can spend more time with the Little Guy.  I was also thinking of trying to attend some mother-y type of things with my Little Guy, as I had more time during the week.

That got me thinking about how I could really drop the teaching gig.  I do not need it, and it was causing me more stress than I really needed.  I was planning on emailing the department head today.

But when I checked my email, I found an email from the department head that he would not be needing me next year.  The message said it was because of "student retention and other issues."  I choose to believe that it is due to budget reasons.  They hired a couple of new full time instructors, and they do not need as many adjuncts.  I was probably one of the most expendable instructors, so I was let go.  I get the feeling that adjunct faculty gig may not be all that dependable, unless you have been doing it for several years and can teach more than one class and have any schedule.

Rejection always stings, so I am giving myself today to sulk for a bit about it.  But it could not have come at a better time.  I can spend more time with my Little Guy, and try to get him out more.  Maybe I will pick up another day in the OR.  Maybe I will look into a mother's group to connect with other mothers.  I think I have been a little too isolated and it would be good to get out more.

I am giving myself the summer to figure it out. 

Marriage counseling went all right last night.  We have some things we can try, and it does not appear that our problems are too serious.  Hopefully the suggestions work for us.  Keeping fingers crossed.

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Searching for Serenity said...

Losing your position seems like a blessing in disguise. Assuming the financial aspect isn't much of a burden. I'm jealous. Part of having children late also meant that we became more established, therefore losing/quiting my job would have a big impact.

I'll be reading as much as you want to share of your counseling journey. I hope only good things come from it.