Monday, June 27, 2011

Feeling Bad

A friend sent me an email yesterday asking if I offended her in some way.

Her and her mother came over for a visit, and in true toddler style Little Guy made a bee line for the door. He was ready to be outside. He loves being outside, and it was a gorgeous day.

He was having so much fun outside, I did not think about bringing him inside,so we hung out in the front yard while he played.

I should have invited them in, so that the mother had more of a chance to interact with the baby. My friend felt offended by not being invited inside. Now I feel bad for offending my friend and her mom.

Sigh. I apologized and invited them over again, but I feel like I should do something else to make it up to them.

I feel bad about offending my good friend, and I am not sure how to make it better.


Nadine said...

I don't really see what you did wrong, toddlers like to play, I think your friend is being WAY over sensitive and I really wouldn't worry about it. I would have done that and wouldn't have thought differently for a second! Would they have preferred to watch him freak out inside because he wants to go outside and play?

Mrs. Higrens said...

Maybe I'm off base here but I can't see how not inviting your friend inside is offensive. Channeling my inner Carolyn Hax, I have to wonder how good a friend she is if she's that easily offended.

I guess I can understand the mother's disappointment at not having so much interaction, but couldn't that have happened inside as well if Little Guy was busy doing his thing?

My perspective - you didn't necessarily do anything wrong - Little Guy was having a good time, the adults got to catch up - what's wrong with that?

Queenie. . . said...

If she's a good friend, she will completely understand your explanation. Makes perfect sense to me!