Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lazy Day

I am thinking I done doing major stuff for the day. 

I have already put together enchiladas for dinner, vetted a sitter with the baby and the dogs, and fixed lunch for my parents.  I have to take Little Guy to swim class later, but that should be fun.  I am going to take this afternoon and sit on the couch with my no.ok and read dumb psychic romance novels.  Maybe I will eat a couple of peaches and drink some water.

Oh, and I finally got my etsy shop up, though I do not have a lot of things listed.  I also have a shop over at shophandmade.

You can find the etsy shop here.
(When I went to link to my shop, I could not believe it, but people have actually looked at my stuff.  One person even favorited one of my items!  Cool!  It remains to be seen if anyone actually purchases anything, but at least people are looking!)

You can find the shophandmade shop here.
(That shop is new today.  I am sort of trying it to compare to etsy, as it does not cost anything.)

Right now I just have swaddling blankets, but I hope to add lined zippered pouches soon.  Maybe OR scrub hats, too. 

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~Jess said...

I favorited your shop :-)

I think an afternoon of couch time sounds wonderful!