Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Touchy-feely Tuesday

Doing a little better lately.

I should not have worried about my certification running out.  There were seven of us who were sent home from work because we did not have the certification.  At least I can take the hit, sort of.  My next paycheck will sort of suck because I do not have a lot of hours.  At least I only had to miss one day, and I only work part time.  There were full time people who had to miss more than one day.  I need to keep some perspective about this.

I think I am almost ready to list stuff on et.sy.  I may also try shophandmade, too.  I just need to break out my camera and start taking pictures.

I finally had a week where my behavior mod worked!  I recorded food and drank all my water last week.  Now I get to buy a song off i.tunes as my reward.  I did not weigh myself this week, though.  Just could not do it. Maybe I will weigh myself next week.

For some reason, I have been holding a lot of tension in my shoulders lately.  I can feel my shoulders by my ears most of the time.  Not sure why.  Hopefully it will go away as I work out regularly again and give my tension somewhere to go.  I do feel better after working out yesterday.

We had our first experience with unexpected poo this weekend.  On Sunday, after nap time baby was not happy.  When I saw the baby, I was not happy, either.  I walked in to find baby naked and covered in poo.  There was poo everywhere!  Little Guy had undressed himself, and then pooped and got it everywhere.  All over him.  All over the crib, and everything in the crib.  It was insane.  Little Guy got a quick bath, everything in the crib got washed, and the crib got wiped down with bleach wipes.  (I luv clor.ox!)  Sigh.  I suspect it will happen again when we are least expecting it.

I think that is all the news from this corner of the world.
I hope everyone has a great day!

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andrea said...

poo everywhere is never good.....

keep up the hard work with the weightloss journey!