Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Friday

I am so very glad it is Friday! Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow. Bummer. Really kills the weekend. Hubby is already rubbing it in.

My girlie appointment went well. OB/GYN docs always seem to like to prescribe prenatal vitamins if they hear you are trying to conceive. I know, it is good to start taking them even before you concieve. But come on. We have had a decade off birth control without a hit. I think the RE is perfectly capable of prescribing the prenatal vitamins during a cycle when we actually have a shot at getting pregnant. I sort of feel like an imposter getting the prenatal vitamin prescription filled. I am probably imagining things, but it still bothers me, for some reason.

The other thing the OB/GYN doc mentioned was that I had good ovulatory cervical mucous. That has been noted before by my previous RE, and this OB/GYN appointment fell about mid cycle for me. Unfortunately, Hubby and I could not do the deed until last night. Oh well. I doubt it matters. Unless his sperm morphology has miraculously changed in the past few months, I will expect Flo to visit in a few weeks. She always shows up.

I think Hubby is excited about starting fertility treatments this time. He was talking about it last night. He was wondering when we would have to see the RE again. I told him that the next time it would likely only be me because the RE wanted to do an ultrasound of my uterus. I also told Hubby I would let the RE know about our thoughts on treatment when I saw him next. It is nice that Hubby is thinking about it, though.

Gertrude and I finally made it to an agility class. Most of it she did all right. She did fine on the jumps (they were set really low), she went through the tire without any major issues. Some of it was difficult for her, though. It was really hard for her to go through a tunnel which was shorter than she was. I think I need to teach her to crawl in order for her to get through the tunner. She also did not like walking over the ladder. We are working on both of these things.I have confidence she will get it. (With lots of treats and encouragement!)


SAHW said...

I've always felt like I'm wasting my money on pre-natals too...I go through spurts of taking them and then not taking them.

I'm glad your hubby is getting excited about treatments, I'm sure that makes things much easier for you.

Sorry you have to work this weekend...but hope you may get a chance to enjoy anyway. :)

JamieD said...

I have the same thoughts on prenatal vitamins. Funny, because it seemed so important two years ago. I have the same feeling everytime I get a Femara script and they assure me my risk of conceiving multiples with Femara is very low. I want to remind them my chance of conceiving AT ALL is also very low.

Portraits In Sepia said...

Good luck to you! I hope all goes well and it sounds like you have a husband who is right on board.

Dreams Come True said...

Good luck with your cycle this month! It's so great that your husband is so into it with you! That's such a great support to have!

Hope your work day went well!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you. Glad to see that your husband is on board!

A visitor from ICLW.

Nyssaneala said...

Good luck this month!

Here via ICLW.

Sassy said...

Good luck for this cycle.

Agility class sounds like heaps of fun. I'm glad you finally got there.