Friday, July 18, 2008

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

Work was nuts Thursday and Friday. I ended up staying late both days for various reasons, and by the time I left on Friday, I was fried. I plan on enjoying the weekend. Hopefully I can sleep in a little. I know I just need to chill out. I thought about posting some about why work had been crazy, but thought better of it. Healthcare can be so tricky to talk about. At the moment, I am just glad for the weekend! I need the break.

I may post more tomorrow when I am more coherent. Right now I feel like I can barely string two words together.

1 comment:

JamieD said...

I thought your post said by the time you left on Friday you were FIRED instead of FRIED. I almost spit out my Coke! You work your tail off Thursday and Friday and then they fire you?!?! Bastards!!