Sunday, July 6, 2008

Show and Tell: Two for One

This week for Show and Tell, I am showing off two things. One is obvious. I am showing off my new space. I used to be in another space, but now I am here. I think it will be better for me, over all. All my stuff is in one place. Much more convenient.

The other part of my show and tell is a brag. People who have children can brag about their children. I have big dogs, so I brag about my big dogs. I recently finished a Beginner II Obedience class with Gertrude, our female Great Dane. I knew she was smart, so I was not too surprised when she got this at the end of the class:

I am so proud. I have an intelligent dog. The class made me realize how much training I was doing with her. A lot of the stuff they wanted me to teach her, she mostly knew. It also made me realize that she is really smart. We are signed up for a Foundations of Agility class during the next session. It starts this Wednesday. I think she will enjoy the agility a whole lot better than the straight obedience stuff. The agility also appeals to me a bit more. I think that is important. If the trainer is not interested, I think the dog can sense it.


In other news, I am wiped out today because I started my period. At the moment, I am sitting in my yellow room, waiting for my Midol to kick in. I hope it kicks in soon. I am debating starting to track temps again this cycle. That way I have some data for when the RE gets back from vacation. I can also see how my cycles are doing.

I need to get back on the wagon with Weight Watchers. It really works for us, but we have not been tracking our food lately. Hubby and I both do it online, so we really do not have much of an excuse. Just lazy, really. This week we both said we would start again. So we will. I did my weekly shopping today. Just in case you are wondering, here is our weekly plan for dinners. We do not specify days, because you never know how we will feel once we both get home.

1. Turkey bratwurst/lowfat chips/fruit or veggie
2. Whole wheat pasta with roasted tomato sauce/salad
3. Grilled chicken/roasted red potatoes
4. seafood (steamed shrimp for me, broiled salmon for Hubby)/corn on the cob
5. Tacos
6. Pizza (I know, heavy on the points, but we love pizza, have to have it!)
7. Dinner out

Things I need to work on:
I think I really need to work on portion sizes this week. I cannot eat as much as Hubby and lose weight. I also need to try to drink all of my water quota this week. I am really bad about drinking at work. I cannot drink water while working in the OR, so I need to drink it at lunch and when I get home. I also wanted to try to do better working out. I discovered jogging works for me. It is quick, convenient, and I can do it. I have a treadmill at the house, so I have no excuse.

I hope all our US readers had a happy and safe 4th of July!


kirke said...

Very impressive! I want to sign our new puppy up for obedience classes. We home schooled our first dog and I think it shows a little bit....we vow to do everything by the book this time.

Wishing 4 One said...

Welcome to your new place, yeah! Congrats on having such a smart dog. Good luck in weight watchers and with treadmill. Glad I found you today! I'll be back....

Melzie said...

I need to get our puppy in for classes- just waiting for my son to get home so he can do it too.

I miss GD's! My dad raised them when I was younger, and one day, if I ever get a yard for one, that's the first thing we get!! :)

Good luck with WW- I'm also working really hard to lose weight, have a priv WL blog. So far, slow and steady. :)

My S&T

Joanna said...

I am totally down with working on the protion sizes. That is one of the hardest things. I started eating Lean Cuisines to control my portions....but quickly got sick of the same stuff.

Great Dane's are HUGE dogs! Congrats on the obedience course and the new space.

Murgdan said...

Happy graduation! I always brag about my fur-child. Till I made my friend mad by showing off his roll-over (which her fur-child couldn't do). It was all so..."my fur-child is better than your fur-child".
Good luck with WW. It works great...I'm just lazy.

Kimberley said...

Very cool about your Puppy, I love Danes they are gentle giants. Good luck with weight watchers! Kim

Heather J. said...

Congrats on graduating! I'm a fan of big dogs (our current one is a mastiff/rottweiler/pitbull mix and weighs 120 lbs) - they are usually so friendly and loving. I can't wait to hear how the agility class goes!

JamieD said...

Congratulations!! I have always wanted to take a dog to obedience classes. I'm not sure why, I guess because growing up my dogs were always mutts with no fences so there really were no rules.

Good luck with Weight Watchers! I know what you mean about portion sizes - that is where I have the most trouble.

Trace said...

Yeah Gertrude!!

Josie, passed all of her obedience classes too, but she's stubborn and would only follow the rules when she had her leash on. We kept practicing, and now she's 9 (?) and finally comes and sits when we tell her and she's NOT wearing her leash.

Good luck with WW! I think they have the best recipes because they're actually foods that real people eat and pretty simple.

Lori said...

Congrats to Gertrude. Now you can get a bumper sticker announcing your honor student.