Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday's Post

I am really crappy with titles. I always feel like my post titles are lame. Usually because they are. Maybe I should start putting more random stuff up there.

Hubby is still sick. I think he is a little worse today than yesterday. He says he feels like he has a fever, and he did feel a little warm to the touch. (I know, not really reliable.) He has been taking Thera.Flu regularly. That stuff really works. He seems to be able to function if he takes it. He has court most of the week, so he cannot really call in sick. Sucks to be him. Hopefully he will feel better by the end of the week. I work later hours Thursday and Friday and cannot be at home to do a lot of coddling. (Not that I do a lot to begin with, but at least I am home to listen to him complain. That is something.) This weekend is our anniversary, and we both would like Hubby to feel better by the weekend. We also would prefer it if I did not come down with the cold. Not that we have plans for the weekend yet.

Work has been light this week, so far. The MDs are mot posting a lot of cases because of the new computer charting system. The computer stuff at work has been just sort of obnoxious. The program was designed with the floor nurses in mind. Which is great for the floor nurses and floor staff, but really obnoxious for the OR staff. OR nurses work a lot differently than floor nurses do. But we do have to do some things with the computer. We send cultures and specimens, and we order blood. All of that has to be done with this new program. You have to go through 5 steps just to get one thing done. Trying to print our pathology order sheet is horrible. You have to put in the order, fill in the form, sign the order, acknowledge the oder, then collect the specimen. All of these things are on different screens, of course.) All of those stpes have to be done before you can print. Meanwhile, the surgeon is still operating, and wondering why the frozen has not been sent. They want to hear back from histology before the patient wakes up, please. If I have a lot of specimens, I think I would give up and just put it on the old pathology form. Half the time the pathology slips don't print, anyway. Houston, I think there is a problem. I may just give up on putting the pathology order in the computer until they figure out a workaround. I think they may find a lot of OR nurses going back to the old pathology form.

I really enjoyed the IComLeavWe, but I think I did not do very well. I tried to do my five comments and one return, but I did not do all of my comments on new blogs. I think part of it is just where I am right now. I am busy and I do not have hours each day to spend reading blogs. Also, I am getting more selective of the blogs I do read. I do not feel a lot of connection with IVF because we are not doing IVF. I also do not feel like reading blogs of pregnant women, or women with new little ones. I think that narrows down which blogs I can read. There are still a lot of blogs I can read, and I did look at those. But I was lazy and did not explore the blogworld as I should have in keeping with the spirit of the week. I may try it again next month and think of a different strategy for NaCom LeavWe.

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JamieD said...

I have never felt like I come up with very good titles either. If you look through mine, you'll find a lot of "Rambling" and "Misc"

I keep hoping I'll get better at this blogging thing!!