Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lazy Satuday

Hubby and I had a really hard time getting moving this morning. We did not eat breakfast until 9:30 this morning. It was really nice. I think I feel that way every Saturday morning we sleep in.

I think my venture into eating core foods with WW this week was a bust. I just do not eat that way. I think I like food and wine too much. I go back to Flex plan this week. I have lost weight, though, so they took another point away from me. It will take me a little bit to figure out where the point will come from. At least I have lost weight. Hopefully that will continue.

I got my big blue tunnel so that I can play with my dog. I realized that I need to find a way to keep it from rolling in order to get her to go through it. I will work it out. My new agility class will start this Tuesday.

Work was all right this week. Nothing too very exiting. The robot took most of the week off, though. I think it was tired.

And now for some thing completely different...
This made me smile.

more animals


Deb said...

CUTE pic! and there is nothing better than a lazy saturday... 'cept maybe a lazy Sunday to go along with it ;)

Portraits In Sepia said...

What a wonderful Saturday morning. They go by way too fast!

andrea said...

that is my favorite way to spend a weekend morning!

my sister takes her dogs to agility class - the intelligence of dogs surprises me sometimes! they are so cute :)