Monday, August 11, 2008

Theme of the Week: DaVinci

I realized today that I am likely going to be in robot cases three days out of five. At least tomorrow the surgeon is really nice, even if the room is going to be a zoo. There will be four nurses (two scrubbed), one scrub tech, three doctors, one rep, one anesthesiologist, and one laparoscopic tech. It takes a team to get these cases done, but everyone on the team has to do their part. Not everyone on my team tomorrow pulls the same weight. I may get frustrated. No, I suspect I will get frustrated. On the bright side, I am only there until 3 PM, so after the DaVinci case is over I can go home. I may also be in the DaVinci cases later this week. One surgeon has posted two in one day. That makes for a long day. At least there will be fewer people in the room for those cases. One thing which makes these cases difficult this week is that the DaVinci laparoscopic tech is on vacation. I think he chose a bad week to go on vacation. I hope I can make it through the week.

I still have not gotten my period, and I am so tired! I think this PMS is wiping me out this cycle. I may I need to start taking some Motrin menstrual complete. (That stuff is the bomb!) It has now been just over 35 days since my last period. (That sounded like an AA admission, sorry.) My cycles have usually been around 32-35 days. But they have been known to be longer. I hate POAS because it is always so depressing, and I feel like a loser. Another rejection. Though POAS can bring on the period, so maybe I should try it just to get the cycle over with. At the moment, I am just hoping my period will come on tomorrow. My period always shows up, and this cycle is not going to be the exception. I have had a decade without a BFP, so I am fairly sure that we are not going to get pregnant without medical intervention.
I have learned to squelch any hope because it just depresses me further.

I hate the waiting.


Deb said...

When I read this it made me sad. I wish there was something I could say that would make a difference, but I know there isn't.
But you can always get a good laugh at my expense. I am looking for the yoga pants I have already worn once this week, because they will be more stretchy then ones I have not yet worn. Pathetic right?

Trace said...

I hear you.

Deborah said...

Why do our bodies cause us so much havoc, don't they realize that we are watching things very closely. Remember the days when you had to look at a calendar and guess what cycle day you were on? When I went for my paps it was always a guess, now I could probably tell them down to the second.

Hope you are feeling better today!

JamieD said...

The waiting does suck. I hate to POAS because it makes me feel like I was sucked in to believing just so the stupid fates can laugh at me.