Saturday, April 4, 2009


I do not have any profound or even coherent blog posts right now. But I do have some thoughts I wanted to put out there.

  • Both hubby and I are excited about this cycle. I still do not understand how the male mind works, though. The other day he told me, "I think I am excited about the IVF. I have been vaguely horny all week." I am not sure how one leads to the other.
  • So far, so good with the Lu.pron. No irritability or major headaches, yet. I warned Hubby about the potential side effects, and I think he is almost waiting for it to happen.
  • I go off BCPs on Sunday, and baseline is scheduled for Thursday April 9. I am a little annoyed at the Apprentice because he messed with my schedule. I made sure that I was working a day shift so I could do the baseline u/s after work. That backfired on me as he is off at a class that afternoon. He also has a meeting that morning, so he cannot even see me until 8:45. Just a wee bit frustrated about that. On the other hand, it is only one, maybe two days I have to come in late. (I have a hunch he will likely want to see me on Monday, too.)
  • We may try planting tomato plants this year. Hubby wants fresh tomato. I have a hunch that I will be doing most of the work, though. I guess I should look into raising tomato plants.
  • My vacation is in two weeks. I am starting my vacation on my birthday, and my retrieval and transfer are hopefully going to happen during that week. I have faith that it will be so. It is unreal that it is so close.
I think that is all I have right now. Thanks for all your wonderful comments!


'Murgdan' said...

Good deal with the progress ;-) Oooohhh...and tomatoes aren't a bad idea. I may try to get a few in the ground.

Queenie. . . said...

It's so great to see things moving along for you!

Check out Gard.ner's Sup.ply online for their tomato stuff. I swear by their self-watering planters. A little expensive initially, but I've had mine for years, and they make tomato growing easy and perfect. Seriously, I had 6 foot tomato plants LOADED with tomatos, a feat I've never managed in the ground. Oh, and you only need to water like once a week, which is great if you're lazy like me!

andrea said...

Good luck!!!!

annacyclopedia said...

It's so exciting that things are moving ahead so smoothly apart from the scheduling difficulties. But managing to avoid the Lupron nightmare that plagues so many others is an achievement in itself!

Email me about tomatoes if you want - I swear by the heritage varieties if you can find the plants or the seeds cause they taste absolutely amazing!