Monday, April 6, 2009

Ugh! It's Monday!

It does not feel like a Monday to me because I ended up being called in to work yesterday. And it was beautiful yesterday, too. I missed it. It is supposed to be snowing and rainy tonight and tomorrow. Stoopid work! They did let me play with the robot today, and I get to scrub eyes tomorrow. Work is going well at the moment, as long as I can ignore management.

I think I started spotting today, and I think it is pre-menstrual spotting. If it continues, and it probably will, I have to call the Wizard's office tomorrow to let them know. I have a hunch tomorrow will be CD1. I have a baseline scheduled for Thursday morning, so it should work out all right. (The Wizard really knew his stuff. At our consult, he told me to schedule a baseline for April 9.)

The local artisan bakery I love has hot cross buns as the monthly special this month. I may order a dozen and bring them up to the grandparent's house. It sounds like this may be the last Easter we get with my grandfather, and I really wanted to see him again. I also want to order by birthday cake from the bakery. My birthday is the weekend before retrieval and transfer. I think I deserve something special.

Lu.pron is not affecting me too badly. I am just having normal PMS and menstrual symptoms, so no problems there. I have a hunch the folli.stim will be a different story. Holy cow, I just realized that I will start taking follistim by the end of this week! Bring on the hot flashes and irritability!

And now something just to make you smile:

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annacyclopedia said...

Hot cross buns from an artisan bakery? I am dying of jealousy! I might even have to get some of the icky Safeway version to comfort myself.

And go, you! Follistim ahoy!