Monday, June 15, 2009

1st OB appointment!

Went very well. It was with Dr Sweetness, not the nurse. (Thank goodness!) Apparently I am still pregnant. No pap today because I got one in March. I just need to get the records to her from the Apprentice's office. No ultrasound today, as expected. My uterus is apparently the right size for how many weeks I am, and my pelvis is good, too. She did attempt to find a heartbeat, but was unable to locate it. It was likely a little early. I am only 9.5 weeks along, so the little one may be too small. This appointment was a head to toe physical, along with some blood work, and the inevitable peeing in a cup. Afterward, we talked a little bit about what to expect and the genetic testing. She did mention the GTT. I do not know whether my endo will do that before she does, or what. (I think my endo will try to see me every couple of months while I am pregnant.) My next appointment with Dr Swwetness is in 2 weeks for the nuchal scan, and more bloodwork. I bet they have me pee in a cup again. Oh the excitement.

One thing amazed me about Dr Sweetness. She did a cervical exam while I was there. She placed the speculum so gently that I barely felt it go in. Honestly! It was a little strange. I have my breathing and positoning all going, and I did not even need it. Very weird. In a good kind of way.

Dr Sweetness did say that I am not really high risk for anything other than gestational diabetes. I sort of knew that going in. Thank goodness for metformin! Hopefully that will help. Between that and guidance from my endo, I hope I will be GD-free. That is what we are hoping, anyway. Dr Sweetness also asked if I had thought much about labor and delivery. Honestly, apart from having a vaginal birth, I really have not given it much thought. I guess I need to start thinking about it soon.

In other news, I have been looking at carseats. I think I am going with a higher weight infant car seat. I am sort of waiting to see what the reviews on the new Britax infant carseat look like before making any commitments. If I can get FIL to pay for crib and carseat and co-sleeper, that will go a long way to making baby and me happy. I am actually sort of afraid to send him a lot of links because I think he would buy me one of everything.


Mai said...

Congrats on the first OB appointment!!! Luck and love for the next 7 months!!

Hope in Virginia said...

So happy for you! This must be such an exciting time after the long journey you've been on. Keep us posted.

Infertile In the City said...

Glad that the appointment went well!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Your father in law sounds like my in-laws.

How thrilling to be moving to the next steps.

Tiffanie said...

glad you had a great 1st appt!

as soon as you get that pregnancy for infertiles book published, please let me know. and, can you also include a section on telling fertiles to not criticise my reaction to finally getting pregnant after 3 yrs, 5 iui's and 2 ivf's? thanks so much!