Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just a short post, had to get this out there.

Finally saw Up last night. It was really cool in 3D, but it was hard for me to tell, because I cried my way through the movie. And I forgot tissues. I was a bit of a mess upon leaving the theater. It was a wonderful movie, though. Very well done, as almost all's films are. The story of Carl and Ellie at the beginning of the movie just hit very close to home. Carl and Ellie's story happens more often than people think in real life, as those of us in the IF blogosphere well know. You can move on and live a full life, but there are long lasting effects of living child-free no one can anticipate.

I also had a freak-out moment yesterday. This may be TMI for most people, so feel free to skip the rest of the post...

I discovered rust colored stains in my underwear yesterday afternoon, which totally freaked me out. So I did the TP dance yesterday and today. No cramping, just a tiny amount of blood, which according to the Mayo clinic pregnancy book is sort of normal. Love that Mayo Clinic book. Best thing I have bought so far. I suspect I bled a little because I do not have the prometrium supporting me now. Trying not to freak out, and trying to be patient until my ultrasound on Monday. No blood today, and hoping my ultrasound will look good.

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Lorza said...

I still haven't seen UP- I really want to though. My MIL comes in on Wednesday, so maybe we shall go together!

I hope that bleeding scare clears up soon! I am sending some prayers your way!