Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I ought to do...

Like scan the ultrasound from a couple of weeks ago...

Our first baby picture!

I also need to start thinking about what I will need after the little one gets here. (Assuming I make it through the first trimester!) My father in law has already asked for a list of things I want for the nursery. I feel like I still getting used to being pregnant, and I already have to think about the nursery! Feels a little strange to me. I ordered the latest edition of Baby Bargains. I hope it is worth it. From the reviews I read, it was very useful for first time parents. I will likely supplement the book by internet research from various sources. Hopefully that will help.

And then there is maternity leave. I need to start collecting info about what my employer will do for me about maternity leave. I will likely start by talking with others who have taken or are about to take maternity leave. I know have short term disability, and I hope I will have a lot of PTO stored by the time I finally want to take the leave. That should help. Hubby gets nervous when I talk about it. At the moment, he does not have a lot of cash flow. That should change by the end of the summer. His legal practice will likely go through waves of cash flow, and we need to get used to that. Hopefully this fall, he will feel more comfortable talking about leave, and the possibility of me working part time. I think I would like to work part time, but it could affect my benefits. I would like to keep my options open, though.

I guess I have a lot to think about.


Anonymous said...

what a sweet little peanut!!!
i'm sure it looks like you!!!
i am soo happy for you and hubby!!
rhody :)

Becky said...

I love ultrasounds, thanks for posting.

yes thinking about leave can get very stressful. I tried to talk to someone in my HR dept at work and just got more and more confused, good luck with yours!

Oh when's your due date? You need a baby ticker!