Saturday, June 27, 2009

On My Own...

Yesterday I took the last dose of my pro.metrium. From this day onward, my pregnancy is not supported with outside hormones. My body has to do this all by itself. This makes me really nervous, for some reason. I got this far, and I hope like hell that I am able to do this on my own. I think I am almost at the point where the miscarriage rate drops. As of today, I am 11.5 weeks along. Just trying to keep breathing, and hoping my body knows what to do.

I am also a little nervous about my ultrasond on Monday. I hope it goes well. It should be reassuring to me, should there be a healthy baby in there.

I am still looking at baby stuff, though. I have done a pretty good amount of research, and I think I have a fairly good idea as to what I want, and where I want to buy it from. I may wait to actually purchase a lot of the big stuff until I am well into the second trimester. I went to our local Bur.lington Coat Factory this morning. I heard that they had a Baby De.pot, and I wanted to check it out. It is the closest thing to a baby superstore they have in Roanoke. They do have some nice stuff, and I may end up registering there for some things, such as strollers, high chairs, baby clothes, and toys. They did not have any of the cribs I really wanted to look at. (Most of the cribs on display were De.lta, and they had some serious recalls over the past few years. Not good!) They also did not have any of the carseats I really wanted to look at. They did have the Snugride, and that is a possibility for us. The only problem I have with it is that a lot of mothers complain about babies being uncomfortable in them. I think I would rather have a to start with, and then graduate to a Mara.thon. Just saying. This is why I may do most of my baby shopping online. Because I cannot find any of this stuff in the local stores. Sad but true.

Having a lazy day. I spent most of the day on the couch surfing the internet. It was very pleasant, and restful. I think we are finally going to see Up tonight. I think we are even going to see it in 3-D. Very cool!


Hope in Virginia said...

This is awesome news - you're body will do just fine. 11 1/2 weeks - terrific! How are you feeling? Good enough to climb to the top of Mill Mountain :)

Queenie. . . said...

Good luck on Monday, and PLEASE post about it!!! I have mine on Tuesday, and I'm thirsty for info.

Lorza said...

oooo, I almost picked this background too! I like it! LOL!
Now all your fertility trainig wheels are off!! Goodluck!

I can't wait till monday for the update!

andrea said...

i am glad things are going so well! i can't wait to hear about the u/s.

oh and AFA carseats - we have the chicco keyfit - and I LOVE it. It's not too heavy and it's just really nice and durable!