Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just stuff.

I think we are over the worst of the ear infection. Actually, I think the ear infection was better Tuesday. The rest of this week he has been irritable. He has not been sleeping well, and wanting to nurse way more often. He finally did better the past couple of nights, but this week has been rough.

I suspect there are several reasons for the night waking. He is teething, on the verge of a major milestone (crawling), and he is due a growth spurt. He has a lot going on, so I guess it is no wonder he is not feeling good. It is rough on me, though. Hopefully he is starting to feel better now.

Little Dude is really close to crawling! He already has a commando crawl across the floor, and he is able to get up on all fours and rock back and forth. We sort of expect him to start really crawling any day. He is so darn close! I have mixed emotions about it. It is fascinating to watch him grow and change, but on the other hand once he start crawling everything changes.

I find it amazing that I will be teaching at the community college this fall. When I went in to talk to them, they gave me the books for the course, and paperwork to fill out for HR. I realized that it is going to happen once they accommodated my vacation in October I still plan on keeping my nursing job. At least for right now. I make more there than I will teaching. In two months of working as a nurse 2 days a week, I will make the same amount I will make over one semester. I hope that made some sort of sense. Anyway, I really enjoy being an OR nurse, and do not want to give it up. Not yet, anyway.

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Jamie said...

I hope you enjoy your teaching gig! Despite the pay, it will feel good to try on something new for a while. It will give you new perspective on nursing at any rate.

I remember that cranky, growth spurt phase. Teeth coming in, sort of crawling but not quite. So many changes for the little dude!