Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, the thoughts that come into your head at 4 AM.

I put the Little Dude back in his bassinet, and could not go back to sleep. And I am worrying about stuff I really should not be worrying about. I am sure it will work out in the end.

I am worried about not attending enough staff meetings for my OR job after I start teaching. Stupid, I know. They have staff meetings twice a week. On Fridays, the staff meeting is in the afternoon. At 2 PM. My class is scheduled fron 1-1:50. If I cut class a few minutes short, I may be able to make the Friday meeting. Provided my mother is willing to watch Little Dude for another hour. I think that she will. I just need to ask her.

And then there is the issue of when I can exercise. I really need to make this a priority. I think I should be able to exercise while the baby naps. I hope. I also need to find time to do lesson plans. It helps that I have taught this class before. I just need to break out those notes, and use them. I would like to follow the textbook being used, but most of the research and resources I already have should be fine. Hopefully I will not have to do too much to put stuff together.

And then there is the mommy guilt of being away from the Little Dude more often. I think he can handle it, as he will be about 7 months old when this all starts. There will be an adjustment period. It may be longer as I have to find alternative childcare arrangements for the first week or two. My mother has already planned a trip the first couple weeks of the semester, and will not be here. After that, she is planning on watching him while I teach. But I still need childcare those first couple weeks. I am crossing my fingers that something will work out.

Why do I worry about stupid things? These things will likely work themselves out. I really hope I worrying over nothing.

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