Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back to it.

Back to work yesterday after about a week off, thanks to Memorial Day Weekend. I think they are about ready to kick me off of "orientation." And I think I am about ready to go off of "orientation." As long as they do not put me with temperamental surgeons just yet. We will see.

I have the day off today. I plan on a hike with my mother at a local reservoir, and then lunch with my parents. I am considering a jaunt to the store this afternoon. I know we need cat food, and I am sure I can think of some other things we need.

We got our high chair yesterday, and have started trying to eat at the table. It is wonderful to eat with both hands. It is also nice to be able to talk to Hubby. At least have a little time together where we can be a family. Hopefully this weekend we can do a family outing. I think it is good for us to get out as a family.

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