Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I really hate being sick. I hate seeing my baby sick. It is not fun for me right now, as both the Little Dude and I are both sick. We took the Little Dude to the doctor the other day, and discovered he has an ear infection. He does not have a fever, he is still eating, and he did not seem to be doing so badly. I guess it goes to show that you never can tell.

Little Dude is not doing too badly. It is too early to tell any difference with the antibiotic, but I suspect by the weekend we may notice a difference. He is not letting the cold and ear infection slow him down any. Right now he is jumping away in his jumperoo like it is going out of style.

I think the worst is that I cannot take anything to help with the nasal congestion, so I feel miserable. I have some suda.fed nasal spray, and a neti pot. They help some, but I am still congested and wiped out. I hope it is because it is draining. I am also drinking ecinaecia tea hoping that will help boost my immune system and soothe my throat. It would probably be more soothing with honey, though. I also took the day off work to hopefully help myself get over this. They probably do not want someone hacking and coughing in the OR.

Anyway, I am still alive, but barely. Apparently mothers do not get sick days.


Rose's Daughter said...

Hope you and little dude feel better soon!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Does nothing include Mucinex? Because that really helped me to keep from getting too congested with the cold I had in March. Or is that one of those okay while pregnant but not while breastfeeding drugs?

I hate being sick too. Hope you both feel much, much better (especially you) very soon!

~Jess said...

Unfortunately sick days aren't part of the package. Hope you guys feel better soon.