Sunday, August 28, 2011

I give up.

I am just going to focus on getting through the end of the month. August is such a weird month, and something always seems to go screw-y during the month.

It was another weird week. Maybe it was the earthquake and the hurricane threat.

Monday we managed to pick up the minivan. But it took forever, and the baby got to sleep later than usual. Which meant a cranky baby until we could get him home and in bed. Sigh.

Tuesday I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon during Little Guy's nap time. I was sort of rushed because I had a mother's group thing I wanted to attend.

Wednesday I worked.

Thursday I managed to get the day wrong for my hair appointment. Turned out all right, though. She managed to fit me in. Thank goodness.

Thursday was also the only day we were able to get a sitter. So our date night was unexpectedly early this week.

Oh, and I have been purging stuff from closets all week. That has felt really good, and I managed to find my old mac. I have started using that more than the netbook. But the old mac has its downsides, too. It is an older OS, and it is slooow. Still better than the netbook with windows OS which seems to be restarted for an update several times a day. (OK, maybe the netbook only needs to be restarted once a day, but it is still more than the mac OS.)

The track has been closed all week, and I do not have the jogger. I noticed today that the track will be closed part of this week, too.

I know that there are some great things that happened over the past couple of weeks. (New car, Monday off, found my old mac. And I planned a play date with another mother from my mothers group.) But the little stuff is getting me down.

Maybe it is just the time of year.

I am just going to make it through the next week, and restart in September. I have good stuff planned for September. Story time at the library, swim lessons, play dates with my mother's group. The track should be open again, and I can run.

I am even going to try my hand at making some footed sleepers for Little Guy. I cannot find any toddler footed sleepers which are not fleece and fit normally. It is driving me a little batty. He does not sleep with a blanket, and the footed sleepers keep him warm when our nights get cool. And the sleeper is harder to take off than any of the two piece pajamas. (That way I get to change crib sheets less.)

Knit footed sleepers seem like something many toddler parents would love to have. So, Why cannot not find these in toddler sizes anywhere other than old navy?

I hope your August is better than mine.


Nadine said...

Maybe its just perspective? Your working hard so, naturally you want every moment of free time to count? It sounds like your really feeling the time crunch?

BTW I think it's really fantastic that you get a date night every single week! WOW!!!!!! We had 2 in 15 months, one was for 45 minutes and just recently we had a long 2 hour date. Most of us around here can't afford sitters plus dates (and we don't have the luxury of having relatives around). Maybe someday when we have paid off the cost of infertility treatments we can afford dates again!

~Jess said...

I'm having the same issue with the footed PJs....DD "demands" something on her feet, so I've just been getting the 2 piecers and putting socks on her at night. Very frustrating. I can't even find the fleecy ones.

Sounds like you guys had a crazy-busy week!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Hope September is better overall!

On the sleeper thing - I go with the Hannah Anderson cotton sleepers with a Halo Sleep Sack on top. She can still wander around in the crib in the sack, though I just bought one of the fleece ones with foot openings for winter so will try that out. That combo kept her plenty warm in our house last winter/spring and doesn't give her the option to pull off socks or pants.

(Carters still makes the footed fleecy ones).

Our vacation house we'd been counting on for next week is not going to be available thanks to hurricane damage, so we're reevaluating what we're going to do, but something NEEDS to be done.

VA Blondie said...

That is exactly how Little Guy is! He has to have something on his feet, but he rips socks right off!