Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Touchy-feely Tuesday

  • Fell off the wagon last weekend with WW.  I gave up because I was not happy about having to take classes for work over the weekend.  And I really did not want to think about it.
  • On the bright side, I got Monday off, so it was not too bad.  And I do not think I went too far off WW.  I still went to the gym when I could. 
  • I cannot believe I am thinking of doing the Drumstick Dash this year.  It sounds like it is pretty low key, as a lot of people walk it.  So it seems like a good one for someone who is unsure about races.  I am aiming for running it.  (Side benefit:  it helps the local rescue mission.)
  • I have a long way to go, though.  I am not quite up to running 1/2 mile at a stretch.  Sigh.  I think what I am going to do is seriously consider it if I can run at least 1 mile.  So we will see.  I need to run more often, though.  At least it gives me a goal, which can be very motivating.
  • Going on a picnic with my mother's group today.  I hope that it is not too hot.  At least it will wear the Little Guy out.  Which is good, because he is napping this morning, so his afternoon nap will be screwed up unless he has a big activity this morning.
  • I work two days in a row this week.  Tomorrow and Thursday.  Sigh.  At least I get it over with.
  • Really need to walk the dogs today.  I have been very irregular about it.  They really do better with a walk.
I think that is all I have for now!


~Jess said...

I hope you guys had fun at the picnic! I think those are good goals to set for the drumstick dash....good luck with meeting them!

Jamie said...

I am not a runner at all and this morning I ran a two mile stretch without taking a break. That is nothing short of amazing!!

It has probably been close to three months ago that I started running and I promise - I could only run for 90 seconds without being seriously winded. So stick with it. You'll get there and you'll be so proud of yourself. We'll be proud of you, too!