Monday, August 29, 2011

And this week starts with....

An ear infection. Sigh. I am so over August at this point. I want it to be September so badly, I keep thinking that next month is October.

It can only get better, right? The silver lining to today is that I got an unexpected day off to take the Little Guy to the doctor. I got caught up on some chores and baked chocolate chip cookies. So the day was not a complete loss. And I get Labor Day off.

Tomorrow I have to redo my pap, which was unable to be done at the time of my yearly appointment, because of AF. Hopefully the appointment will not take too long, and Little Guy will go down for a nap in the afternoon.

I am vetting a new sitter with the baby and dogs on Thursday. Hopefully she can sit on Saturday. Our date nights are important to our marriage. It gives us a space to be husband and wife rather than mommy and daddy. And we really need that, so our date nights are more than a luxury. I know that we are lucky, and not everyone can do this. I highly recommend getting a sitter, even if it is once every few months. Fingers crossed that we can get a sitter this weekend...

Friday I have a play date with a mother from my mother's group. We are going to the zoo. I think it is more a play date for the mothers rather than the kids. I think she may have one child around Little Guy's age, but I suspect her children are older.

I actually really love my mother's group. They are very open and inclusive. They even asked me to share my knowledge of baby wearing and lead a playgroup which includes baby wearing. They all really believe that that only way to make motherhood happen successfully is to support each other. But there are times (like when a mother announces she is TTC) where I can really see how my perspective is rather different. Infertility really skews your point of view.

I have been driving the Sienna for about a week, and it still sort of feels like a rental car. Everything is so new and then there are all the toys! Bluetooth, XM, and power sliding doors! It is a little unreal that the car is really mine and I do not need to give it back. My mother thinks I should name the car. Nothing comes immediately to mind, though I sometimes think of it as Behemoth, as it is so big. Mini-van is a bit of a misnomer. Minivans these days are not small.

I wish everyone a good week!

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