Monday, August 22, 2011


I spent my free day moving stuff out of the house, and moving stuff around the house. Not furniture, stuff. We have accumulated a lot of stuff with the baby!

I forgot how exhausting purging can be. I feel really tired. I made numerous trips up and down the stairs today. There was a lot of stuff located in the main living area which really needed to be moved out. There was stuff in the basement we needed to get rid of. I even moved moved some of the baby toys into the storage room in an effort to rotate toys and have fewer toys in our living space. (They were toys he was not really playing with right now, so I doubt it will be too big a loss. It is not permanent, anyway.) I even sold a couple of baby things we were not going to use to the consignment shop. And I threw a bunch of stuff out. It was a good day.

The interesting thing about this purge is that nothing in the house changed outwardly. All the furniture and most of the big things are still there. I just moved out stuff from closets. I also got rid of some of the little piles of clutter, which I have not had time to deal with. I think the house feels a little better. There is still a long way to go. There is still a lot of clutter in the house.

But I made a step in the right direction. And it felt good. I think I can breathe a little easier. And maybe I will have the motivation to tackle a closet or drawer during nap time one day.

I even have time for a short break before going to pick up the baby!

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~Jess said...

We need to purge, and will be doing so ASAP. I'm actually taking a bunch of A's bigger toys to grandma's barn, because she just doesn't play with them and I'm tired of cleaning around them.

Glad you got a lot accomplished!