Thursday, October 29, 2009


I think the worst part about this situation right now is that I am in limbo. Just told to "take it easy." I feel like the next step will be either medication or bedrest. (Or both.) I doubt they will do much more than that. Bedrest would totally bum me out. I would miss my grandfather's funeral. I would miss the shower my mother's prayer group wants to throw for me. I could not travel for either of Thanksgiving or Christmas. (Well not traveling for the holidays does not upset me too much.)

It would also be nice to know if they will even let me go back to work. Or if they will have me out of work until I give birth.

I am still waiting for the cardiologist appointment. Until then, I am just spending a lot of time on the couch. I guess there is not much else I can do. Next OB appointment is Wednesday.

Just waiting.


Infertile In the City said...

It's hard to do nothing, but, try and make it fun, get DH to rent some good movies or buy a great book and kick your feet up and embrace doing nothing but giving your heart a break. hope you hear some good news soon.

Rose's Daughter said...

((BIG HUG))!!

annacyclopedia said...

Abiding with you as you wait, and sending you wishes for peace. Or at the very least some very effective distraction.