Monday, February 2, 2009

Limbs so heavy...

I am so tired that I feel like if I close my eyes for a second, I doze off. I still have agility class to get through tonight. I am sure I will perk up a bit for that. But then I will come home and collapse. Sigh. Not very good company tonight, I suspect. All I want to do right now is go to bed.

I talked with my grandmother yesterday. She is still in the denial phase. She is thinking of getting a second opinion and hoping my grandfather's cancer can be cured. She is talking about chemo and radiation therapy. I doubt my grandfather is at death's door, but she does need to come to terms with the fact that this is going to kill him eventually. The cancer has apparently progressed enough that it will not respond to radiation or chemo. Unfortunately, my grandmother is the queen of denial. I think she will continue to deny reality as long as possible. I do not think she will let it get in the way of caring for for my grandfather. She will do her best to maintain quality of life for him. At least I hope so.

As far as IF stuff goes, I am still waiting. An trying not to grasp at straws. IUI was Friday. The only symptoms I am likely having are from poor sleep and maybe residual effects of the HCG shot. Too soon for anything, really.

I learned today that the ortho team is trying to figure out who will get pregnant next. One of my coworkers (who is an ortho and neuro OR nurse) recently got pregnant soon after having a baby. Apparently, they are thinking the best chances are between me and one of my other coworkers. She is seeing her hubby only on the weekends right now, as she is in the process of moving out of the area. I have been open about my IF treatments, so everyone knows about what is happening with me. On one hand, it is nice to know that they are rooting for me. On the other hand, I am not sure if I like being a part of a competition. I do not think my co-worker appreciates it, either.
Other than that, I am not sure how I feel about it.

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Becky said...

Yeah that is kind of weird, but you can look at it like your own personal chearleading squad!!!!! I'm keeping my fingres crossed for you, i so hope this is your turn!!!