Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thank you for all of your wonderful thoughts on names. For the moment we are sticking with Alton. Though I may try to change hubby's mind over vacation. Hopefully he will be more receptive then. We will see.

The rest of the week will hopefully be downhill. I am off at 3PM today and tomorrow. I have an OB appointment today, and my last dog class with Oscar is tonight. I hopefully can start packing somewhere in there. Hopefully.

Tomorrow Hubby and I are switching cars for the day. He is taking the day off, so he will be able to drop off the dogs for boarding. Hopefully he can get my oil changed and the car cleaned out, as well. I would like to pack the car on Friday evening, because Saturday morning, we are out of here!

Oh yeah, we also have internet at our beach house, so we should be able to stay connected. Hooray!

Can you tell I am very excited about vacation? I think we both need it!

Will try to update later with how the OB appointment went.

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kate said...

I think Alton is perfect. I really, really like it.

You've almost made it! Vacation soon!!! Exciting!