Friday, September 11, 2009

Thank Goodness!

I have almost survived the week. One more 8 hour shift, and then I can come home and collapse. I am exhausted!

Not much to report since I posted last. Work, couch, bed. That has been my routine all week. I really need to shave, and trim my nails, but it will likely have to wait until this afternoon or tomorrow. Too tired. (Sorry if that is TMI!)

Belly is getting rounder and tighter! Belly button is starting to stretch, too. Cocoa butter does seem to help, but it cannot help the tight feeling. I guess I get to live with it.

Baby is starting to kick. I can definitely feel him moving around in there. On Monday, Hubby and I were lying in bed, and I felt some definite kicks. I grabbed his hand, put it on my belly, and asked if he could feel it. I think he felt something move, but was not sure it was a kick. It felt like a kick from my point of view. It may take a little more time for movement to be more apparent to Hubby.

Next OB appointment is Thursday morning. No ultrasound at this one. It is just a regular monitoring appointment. Hopefully it should be fairly quick.

One more week of work, and then we are off to Hatteras for our vacation! Hooray! We both need it!


annacyclopedia said...

Yay for feeling kicks and movements, and double yay for your upcoming vacation!

kate said...

Yay for vacation! It'll be here in the blink of an eye- only one more week. You can make it!

I am hoping that your Friday is just flying past. You'll be home from work and relaxing before you know it.

My next appointment is next Friday morning before we head off to our next "vacation" in Charleston (actually, it's a conference for H, and kickin'-around-time for me...). Hopefully, that will be my all-clear to start stims. And what a way to start a vacation, by pumping myself full of wacky-hormone-drugs!