Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sand in my Bathing Suit... Finally!

I am such a water baby. I love water, and I have been itching to get in the water since I got here. Finally yesterday the weather and the water were both perfect, and I could not resist going and playing in the surf. I did not go out far, but I got wet, and it felt great. I was a little nervous to go past the breakers without a swim toy, though. I also realized that I think my perspective is changing. I am not only worried about me, I am worried about the little one, as well. I think that worry prevents me from doing things I would love to do. My balance is funky, and I get out of breath so easily, and I do not want to do anything which presses on my belly. Not to mention, it is difficult to bend over. I guess there is good reason to be freaked out. I spent a lot of time and money getting in this condition. I do not want to lose this little one because I did something stupid. So I guess no surfing lessons for me. Sigh. They looked like they were having so much fun...

I am too lazy right now to upload pics. We have taken a few. Eventually I will get them up. Really.

Looking very forward to today. I get my toes done, and I get a massage. I have never had a pregnancy massage before. I have had a regular massage, but this is the first time I have been pregnant when I got a massage, so this will be a new experience for me. Another first.

I am beginning to think that Hubby does not realize how much of a change the baby will be. It is a little frustrating. I think it is not really real to him yet. He has felt the baby kick and move, but we have not set up a nursery. It may be time to get him a baby's first year book. I think there is a lot he needs to learn. He does not tolerate change very well, so he may need time to adjust to what will likely happen. Right now, I think that he is thinking we can "board" the baby with family, like we board the dogs. I have already warned him that I am not comfortable doing that the first year or two. A weekend, maybe, but not a whole week. I want baby time as much as possible.


Mrs. Higrens said...

Ohhh, a massage. How yummy!

Thanks for the image of "boarding" a baby - I needed that laugh.

~Jess said...

I'm glad you're having fun! Too funny the image of Jr in the same kennel as the puppers lol

I bought my husband "The Everything Father's Guide to First Year" (or something like that) actually has a LOT of really useful information (things I didn't know).

kate said...

I want an IVF massage! That sounds delicious to me right now.

I used to be a water baby, but not ever really an ocean baby. (And lately, more like a "please only chlorinated clear no-fish-no-weird-plants" water baby!)

Can't wait to see pics! (Oh, and I LOVE the fact that your husband seems to think that you can just "board" the baby! Hilarious...)

Lorza said...

I hear ya on the love of water- I am the same way. I really love rivers- the constant moving, swirling, etc. Oceans are so calming also.

I hope you have fun, and get well rested. How do they do a pregnancy massage?

My husband is totally with you on the "boarding" a baby. Honestly- do they just NOT GET IT?!?!?