Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally Friday!

Thank goodness! I only have to get through 8 more hours and then I can get started on getting out of town. Hello, vacation!

My OB appointment yesterday was quick. Baby is apparently doing well, and things mostly seemed to be coming along well. But she is concerned that I had a larger weight gain than expected. The two words I did not want to hear popped up during my appointment. Gestational diabetes (GD). My 1 hour GTT is the Monday after I get back from vacation so we will see what happens with that. My urine was fine, so if I do have GD it is still really early. The OB told me that I should avoid carbs, if possible. (There go my potatoes and bagels!)

After consulting Dr Google, I realized that it is no surprise that I would develop GD. I have three of the risk factors: I am 35, I have PCOS (so I am already insulin resistant), and I am overweight. I know my mother had GD with both me and my sister. Knowing all of this, I sort of feel that developing GD is going to be inevitable.

I also asked the OB if there was anything to keep in mind while traveling on vacation. She said we should stop every couple of hours to stretch our legs. I have an increased risk of blood clots. Usually we would stop about every 3-4 hours. He likes to keep going as long as possible. That is not going to be possible this trip. He seems to be taking it stride, though. He is willing to do a lot for me because I am finally pregnant. Well, except have a lot of sympathy when I complain. He is really enjoying the fact that I am pregnant.


Rose's Daughter said...

Yeah for baby being fine!
Enjoy your vacation and try not to worry about the GD!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Have a super vacation!

~Jess said...

Hopefully you sail through your GD test: I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Enjoy your vacation! When we drove to NC (13 hrs) dr had me take a baby aspiring on top of stopping frequently.

Have FUN!

Shinejil said...

I got the GD speech for weight gain-related reasons (though my risk profile's a bit different). Moderate exercise helps a lot, apparently, and made me feel much better in many ways.

I hope you sail through the one-hour and that you have a fabulous vacation!

annacyclopedia said...

Hoping you have a wonderful vacation and that all the worries about GD turns out to be for naught. I say enjoy the potatoes and bagels now, just in case, though!

kate said...

YAY! I hope you are having an excellent vacation. I, too, am almost positive I will have GD (presuming I ever have the "gestation" part, of course). I am fairly sure my mom had it with me, though she claims she didn't, and with PCOs, it means I will have a higher risk.

Did you take met.formin before your pregnancy (and/or are you still taking it)? I hear conflicting research on whether it's good or bad to take while pregnant, though I did read research showing that it helped some women be able to breast feed when they took it for the duration of the pregnancy with their second child when they were unable to with their first child (the theory being that women with PCOS sometimes don't develop functioning breast tissue, and the met.formin can help make the most of whatever functioning tissue is there... or something like that). Anyhow, I wonder what, if any, effect that would have on GD. Hmm.

But for now, FOCUS ON YOUR VACATION! Have a fabulous break!