Thursday, September 3, 2009

A little bit of a vent...

Feel free to skip this if you really want to. But I am going a little crazy and had to let this out...

I am sort of frustrated with work right now. Supposedly my employer gives 36 hours of bereavement leave. This leave does not count against you as an attendance occurrence, and does not come out of your PTO. My job gave me Friday off, which was really nice. But when I asked to leave 2 hours early on Friday so that I could start heading out of town for the memorial service, they told me I had to find someone to cover those two hours. I was not asking for the day off, I was asking to leave early. I already had to track down someone to take my call shift that Saturday night! (Do you know how hard it is to find someone to take call Saturday night on Labor Day weekend?) Just let me have those damn two hours! Honestly! Just give me the damn two hours without making me go on a wild goose chase to find someone to cover for me for two friggn' hours.

Here is what I finally did, because almost everyone is already working until 5 PM or 7 PM that day. I have a co-worker who is not working that day graciously agree to cover those two hours. Which means, if they need the coverage for those two hours, they have to call in someone. For two hours. It just seems asinine to me.

It is not my fault they are understaffed, and do not have the staff to run the rooms.

Why the hell is it so damn hard to take leave when you need it? Crap like this really makes me not want to come back to this job after my leave is over. It just sucks. This is just one more complaint in a mountain of complaints I have about my job.

Oh yeah, and just to give you an idea how crazy I am getting lately... Between mourning my grandfather, working full time, and being pregnant. I have a lot on my mind right now.
I scrubbed in and set up a case at the end of the day today. I had to take off my wedding band and my watch in order to scrub in. As I was leaving, I noticed that I did not have my watch or my band on. I retraced my steps, and checked where I dumped my scrubs, but I never did find it. I was not really worried about the watch, which was around $10 at either Wally world or tar.get. I was most upset about losing the wedding band. Hubby took it in stride, and promised to buy me a new band tomorrow. I feel awful, though. That is not something I want to do again, if I can help it. I guess I will have to keep a giant safety pin on my badge so that I can pin it to my bra for safekeeping.

I probably really need a day off, but it apparently takes an act of congress to get one at my job, and I do not have the energy for that right now.

I have to work tomorrow, and then I am off to Charlottesville, then Reston for the memorial service on Saturday. Thank goodness I get Monday off. I need a day to catch up, I think. (Probably more than one day, really.) My vacation is coming up in a couple of weeks, too. I think I really need it!


Infertile In the City said...

Eeek - don't you have a union? All the nurses at my hospital are unionized and cr*p like that just would not happen (I think), nurses are hard to find so you have to treat the ones that you have nicely!

Shinejil said...

Shit, that just sucks. As a patient, I frankly would not want the nurse who was helping me to be overworked, in mourning, and exhausted. Sounds like the only people it benefits are the idiotic management.

~Jess said...

I'm sorry about your wedding band...That's pretty crappy that they're making it so hard for you to take off for your grandpa's funeral.