Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apparently I am not immune...

It appears I can be as judgmental as the next mommy.

Hubby and I went out for a date on Friday night.  (Not our usual night.  We usually have Saturday as our date night, but our sitter was not available on Saturday.)

We went to our favorite restaurant, looking for a relaxing and good dinner.  We probably got to the restaurant about quarter to eight in the evening.

There appeared to be children everywhere!

The older kids, I was fine with.  Elementary school age and up, they can more or less be trusted in a restaurant, and probably enjoy an occasional late evening.  I am actually looking forward to doing some later night stuff with our little one when he gets old enough.  I was even all right with babies.  Babies tend to be up late, anyway.

I was surprised at how many toddlers there were out and about.   There were at least two there while we were there.  (Though one was leaving as we were coming in, that was all right.)  I kept thinking that they should be in bed, or getting ready for bed!  Not out for a dinner with their parents.  What are their parents thinking?  Little ones need their sleep, otherwise it is no fun for anyone!

I think part of it was that I was out for an evening with Hubby to get away from babies and children.  It was frustrating to encounter them on our night out.  I kept thinking about our little one, and how he gets cranky about 6:30-7 PM every night.  If we do not start getting him ready for bed by that time, he ends up having a meltdown.  Not fun for any one. 

Hubby came up with an excuse, though.  Friday is the day that custody changes.  So people were probably picking up their children, and taking them out to eat.  Sounds reasonable, I guess.  Still not happy about encountering a toddler on our late night out.

I am thinking that we will only have date nights on Saturday from now on.


Nadine said...

WE haven't had A date since the babies were born(no family anywhere close to us) and getting a sitter for twins, near impossible. Our two go to bed at 830-900 at the earliest, and get up at 8am, so I can see why people may have their kids out a bit later(we once took the twins to a restaurant at 930pm - we lost electricity our house was freezing!) so we went to a local restuarant, the babes just happily played in the car seats and had some bottles, when they got tired they just went to sleep, so maybe some people with no electricity?

~Jess said...

I'm always judgy-mcjudgerson on that one. Even when I was younger I was always like "Those kids should be in bed!"

We all have our flaws :-)