Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Touchy-Feely Tuesday, on a Wednesday

Yesterday was just weird, so I did not get a chance to post anything.

Still sort of sick, though feeling more human today, for some reason.  Hopefully this means that I will actually feel better by the weekend.  Here is hoping, anyway.

Figured out that baby was not sleeping because of teething.  Finally broke out the ora.gel, and increased the frequency of ibuprofen.  That finally got us a night of decent sleep.  Too bad I had to wake up at 5 AM this morning to go to work.  It still felt good to sleep with only one wake up.

Went to the orthopod yesterday to get Hubby's knee looked at.  No answers, unfortunately.  Knee looks good, and there is nothing obvious.  That got him really down, so he needed a lot of attention last night.  Not much time for much else.

We are enjoying playing with roku.  Hubby likes having all the shows available on Netflicks.  And having it on our TV is really nice.  Though it leaves less time for blogging and reading blogs.  Both activities are important to me.  Maybe I should talk about this with the Hubby.  I think a limit of one Roku show per night would be good.

The community college is on spring break this week.  Very strange not having anywhere to go the next couple of days.  But nice.

I have not been doing well with WW.  Have been horrible at recording my food.  I meant to today, and just never did.  Unfortunately, this also means that I have been gaining weight.  Sigh.  Really need to record food and get with the program.

Off to bed.  Hoping for another good night of sleep!

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~Jess said...

I'm glad you were able to figure out the sleep thing....teething sucks! It's gotta to be one of the cruelest things.

Enjoy your week off :-)