Monday, November 10, 2008

I am a bad girl!

I have not been updating this as regularly as I should! Not that my life is all that exciting, but my free time is limited, so finding time to blog and comment can be an issue. I think that is one reason I am not as active in the bloggy community as I could be. I guess that is life, though.

At the moment, I am just waiting for the cycle to end so we can start the medicated cycle. I should get my period in the ext week or so. I think.

I did something weird happen to me, though. One of my coworkers dreamed I was pregnant. I asked her if she knew I was about to start IF treatment. She did not know that fact. We decided to hope that her dreaming about me was a good omen. Weird, though.

I will try to write more tomorrow. I will have more time to be coherent.

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annacyclopedia said...

Hey, as everyone told me not so long ago, it's your blog and you can update or not. No rules here, and no need for guilt. Although I admit it's easier to offer that advice than it is to take it.

How great about your co-worker's dream! I hope that is the harbinger of good things to come with your next cycle.