Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I should know better...

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I do not talk about it much because I have known about it and lived with it for about a decade now. It is always just there. I take my meds and try to go on with life. I know what I need to do to feel good. Usually I try to do those things. I take my metformin, I try to work out, when I can. I make an effort to watch what I eat. When all of these things fall into place, I feel good. I am full of energy and I am happy. Usually around the time of my period I get tired and crabby and bloated. All the usual PMS things. The PMS is not as bad if I try to do all the things which make me feel good.

That being said....

Right now I do not feel great.

I think it is a combination of not taking care of myself and PMS. I have not really been watching what I eat. I have not been working out. I am expecting a period this weekend.

I have just been really lazy. With everything, really. Eating. meds, excersize.

I started running when I was in Tappahannock. I discovered chirunning, and I started running around my neighborhood when we moved to our current house. It only takes me about a half hour to get a workout in, and I feel so much better afterward. I have had a light schedule so far this week, but today is the first day this week I have gotten out to run. Now I work three long shifts in a row. I am going to be fried by the weekend. Thank goodness I have the weekend. I just know my period will come in the middle of one of my long shifts. That would be the icing on the cake. Maybe I should carry around Midol this week. (That may also help with the headaches from the surgeons... I think I am on to something. Maybe I should carry it around more often.)

I also have been eating whatever I want. Not good. If I eat less, and eat healthier, I feel better. I know this. But I have not been following through. I am not eating nearly enough green leafy veggies, my fruit and vegetable consumption is not very high at the moment. And I am eating way too many sweets and fried foods. Really, I need to do better.

I just sucks having PMS. I feel blue and irritable, and poor Hubby gets the brunt of it. He has put up with me all this time, and he is still here. I think he has the patience of a saint sometimes. I know it will pass. All will be better once my period gets here. So it needs to hurry up and get here, dammit!

The other thing my period heralds is the start of my first cycle with injectable meds. In a way, I really want the cycle to start so that we can get started playing with drugs. I know that there is a good chance that the cycle might not work. All of the clomid IUI cycles were a bust, and I am not sure how exactly this will help if there is poor sperm morphology. I am willing to try it a few times before doing donor insemination. It might work. I do not know. I guess anything is possible.

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Queenie. . . said...

I have been doing EXACTLY the same thing, and I feel like crap, too. I'm trying to get my act together in the next few weeks.

I love the dream your coworker had. I hope the injectibles make it a reality.