Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Sick" Day

I called in sick today because my meds for my medicated IUI cycle were being delivered today and that was the only someone could be home to sign for them. And they came in the morning. Yay! I actually spent a good portion of the morning dealing with medical stuff and various errands which I have been putting off. So my excuse (of having a medical issue to deal with that would take the bulk of the day) is not that far off the mark. And I got to get out of a really crappy shift. And I get to see Hubby this evening and not be tired and cranky. I do feel sort of silly taking a day off so soon after vacation, but it feels really good. I think this is the first or second unscheduled PTO day I have taken since I got off of orientation in June.

I do not know if I will post the inevitable picture of the fertility meds. It is just Follistim and HCG. Though the Follistim Pen is sort of cool. I hope I remember how to use it. Now I just need to wait for the inevitable period and get a baseline U/S. So far I really like my RE's nurse. She is great. I know enough to simply ask the front desk to transfer me to her, and I leave a message. She always calls me back. I think it is fantastic.

I hope this was not too rambly. Just really enjoying the beautiful day off!

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andrea said...

glad you got to enjoy your day off... everyone deserves that once in a while!