Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Best and the Worst

Summer Camp Day 13:  Tell us about the best job you ever had, and the worst. Do you ever blog or read blogs while at work? Do you ever quote or reference blogs while at work?

The best job I ever had was my previous position as an operating room nurse in a level I trauma center.  If it were not for management sucking my soul out of me, and the lack of benefits for the hours I wanted to work, I would probably still be there.  I really enjoyed the work I was doing, and enjoyed the people I worked with.  There was always something going on, and the cases were usually interesting.  Not to mention, the equipment worked (most of the time), and was relatively new.  I left there with mixed feelings, and miss it every now and again.  (I think I get bored sometimes doing the same cases over and over.)  I guess I could always go back to my old job, but I think too much has changed within the department to go back now.  Also, many of the people who I worked with have left and the atmosphere is just not the same.
The worst job I ever had was teaching a dual credit at a high school.  I was hired by a community college to teach this class at the local high school.  The high school I taught at was one and a half hours away from where I lived.  I did not fit in with the other teachers.  I hated all the things which got in the way of my class time, such as delayed openings and assemblies.  Once students got a look at me, and realized that they would actually have to work, most of them dropped the class. So the classes were small.  I did not have a block of lab time.  I had to fit it into the class schedule.  It was a thankless position.  I only taught there one year, but it was enough.

In my current job, we do not have computers in every room. (Yeah, we kick it old school at my place of employment!)  So I love my smart phone, where I read blogs on my breaks and over lunch.  I have occasionally posted from my phone at work, but I prefer to post from my computer from home where I am not so rushed, and can concentrate better.

I do not reference or quote blogs at work.  Blogging is personal to me, and not something I share with many people in real life.

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