Friday, July 22, 2011

When I was Young...

Summer Camp Day 22:  What is your most beloved childhood memory?

The first ones which come to mind all surround Christmas.  Maybe that is why I could not let Christmas go all together, even during the dark days of infertility.

I still remember waking up before dark on Christmas morning with my sister, and we would creep in to the living room, where the Christmas tree was set up.  The Christmas tree would be lit, and wrapped gifts would be stacked under the tree.  Some years there were large presents out, like a Big wheel, play houses, a set of blocks, or a doll house.  It always looked like magic to me in the dark with the tree lit and the presents underneath.

One of my favorite things about Christmas morning would be the stuffed animals which were left out under the tree.  These stuffed animals were made by my mother, and she left them out for us to play with on Christmas morning.  We got everything from sock monkeys and bunny rabbits, to a 13 foot long snake and an animal straight out of my sister's imagination. My favorite was a large red velvet elephant.  The ears were backed in pink satin.  I think we both got elephants that year.  Not sure what color my sister's was in, though.

Now that I have a little one of my own, I wanted to keep up the tradition of having something out for him to play with before we open presents.  This past year, it was a big yellow dump truck with a large penguin in the back.  He loved the dump truck, but I think the dog gets more out of the penguin.  (The dog likes to carry stuffed animals around.)

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