Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Touchy-feely Tuesday

Playing hooky from camp today, because I am just too tired to think a whole lot.

Today I really tried to wear a toddler out, and I think I succeeded.  Unfortunately, I am worn out, too.  This morning we went to the gym, walked the dogs in the heat, and then went to the transportation museum to wander around a bit.  We then went to my mom's house for lunch, and then he went down for a nap.  I went home to do chores and catch my breath before a doctor's appointment.  After my doctor's appointment I brought him home and tried to feed him a snack before swim class.  Then we went to swim class and came home, ate dinner and went to bed.  (Well, he went to bed.  I am blogging before I have my medicinal glass of wine.)

That is a lot to do in one day.  But he was pretty happy and in a good mood most of the day.  Fortunately, this is the last week of swim lessons for a while, so I can drop that soon.  Though the swim lessons are good for him.  He needs to learn to swim, as he loves the water.  I do plan on signing him up again.  I may try a different time next time.  We will see.

I think I do need to keep him busy.  We are definitely dropping the morning nap, though.  Much to my disappointment.  On the flip side, I can now get him out in the morning and the afternoon.  Which opens up some opportunities for us to go on different outings and things.  So it is not all bad.  But I really need him to go down for that afternoon nap so that I can catch my breath.  He is a lot to keep up with! 

I need to find other to find other things for him to do with my mother.  I may email her with this dilemma.  I suspect that we will not get over there as often for lunch, because he is usually asleep by noon.  But we can still come over to visit regularly.  She does like to do things with him, so that could be an option.  It is easier, as his mornings are wide open now.

I have decided to embrace the active lifestyle which comes with a toddler.  It can only help my weight loss.  I am jogging as often as I can, and I am trying to get the Little Guy out of the house every morning and afternoon.  That seems to work the best, as far as napping goes.

Speaking of weight loss, I finally had to admit that I am not really nursing anymore.  Two or three nursing sessions in 24 hours does not seem to count as nursing.  At least weight loss-wise.  I had to switch my WW points to non-nursing, which was sort of depressing, as it took a lot of points away.  But at least now I am seeing the scale going in the right direction.  Between the high level of activity and decreased food intake, hopefully the weight will come off.

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