Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer camp: Day 2 and 3

Because I did not post yesterday, I am trying to play catch up today.

Day 2:  What were you like in high school?  What extracurricular activities did you take part in?  Did you consider yourself a writer?

I think I was fairly average in high school.  I never hung out with the "cool" kids, and did not even try out for cheerleading.  (And I always thought that the cheerleading team was a bit of a popularity contest anyway.)  I usually sat in the back of the classroom with the slackers and would let others copy my notes.  I usually had the assignment done, anyway, so it was no big deal to me.  Never made honor roll, but never got a grade below a C. Nothing to make me stand out from the crowd.  I did just enough work to get through.

I think I was a bit of a geek back then.  I was on the flag team, so I usually hung out with band people.  I actually enjoyed Shakespeare.  I remember going to one of our high school productions of a Shakespeare play, and I think I was one of the only people in the audience who laughed at the appropriate times.  My papers were typed out on an early toshiba and printed out on a dot matrix printer.  (Am I dating myself now?)  I enjoyed hanging out in my room and listening to music.  I really enjoyed my tape collection.

I was also active in my church youth group.  I did not want to lead anything at school, but I did take a leadership role in my church youth group.  It was a great group and I enjoyed being with the people in the group.  I think I preferred being a leader of a small group over a large group.

That is not to say I did not get into my fair share of trouble.  I remember having at least one party while I parents were out of town.  I also usually hung out with druggies on the weekend, though I did not actually do any.  Um, really.  They used me for my car, I used them for access to alcohol.  It was all good, yo.  They did not pressure me to do anything.

Overall, an average high school experience, I think.  I cannot say that high school was the best years of my life, but they certainly were not the worst.  Not all the memorable, really. 

I did not consider myself a writer in high school.  I actually still do not consider myself a writer, despite the fact I blog regularly.  In high school I did have a journal, and I wrote in it intermittently.  But it was not something I enjoyed.  It was more an emotional outlet.  I was more into reading, hanging out with friends, and listening to music.

Day 3:  What are your guilty pleasures.

Chocolate and wine.

Though wine is more medicinal, and almost good for you now.  But I love a really nice red.  Hubby and I watched James May's Road Trip, where May and Oz Clarke drive through Europe and America and drink wine.  In watching that show, Hubby realized how much of a wine snob I am.  I am not quite at Oz Clarke's level, but I know enough to pick a decent wine off the wine list.  (I am also enough of a snob that if the wine list is too pedestrian, I will not even order wine.  I usually have something better at home!)

Chocolate may be a true guilty pleasure for me.  I love chocolate, and it seems that I cannot get enough!  At least dark chocolate is good for you, in moderation.  I almost never turn down an opportunity to eat chocolate.

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