Friday, July 15, 2011

Reminiscing about my alma mater!

Summer Camp Day 15:  What was your college experience like? Were you involved in any clubs, groups, etc?

I am one of the few women who actually went to a women's college.  I loved it!  It was the best experience for me.  College is where I truly blossomed as a student.  I found what interested me, and that got me focused and allowed me to do well.

I went to a small liberal arts school called Hollins College.  (Now it is Hollins University, but it will always be just Hollins to me.)  The school had a reputation for attracting a lot of debs and rich girls.  But I was not one of them, as my family was solidly middle class. And then I ended up a science major, which further separated me from the party crowd.

I spent a lot of time the science building, as I was a bio major with a chem minor.  Specifically, I was on the second floor of the science building where all the bio, chem, and physics majors hung out.  We did not get out much, as most of the lectures were in the morning, and labs were usually in the afternoon.  I think I had an 8 AM class every semester.  I just could not get away from it.  The worst was organic chemistry.  I still remember having to be up for organic chemistry at 8 AM Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  That sort of sucked.  The only bright side was that it did not matter what we looked like, and most of rolled into class wearing pajamas, or something close to it.

I was an RA during my college career.  That was interesting.  My first year as an RA was spent in the party dorm, with upperclass-women.  I think I just tried to keep a low profile and get my requirements in as I could.  My senior year, I ended up RA in the art dorm.  That was actually rather interesting, as we had a lot of dance-bio double majors.  It was also pretty easy, as they had to have programs and dorm meetings on a regular basis.  I had a lot of fun that year, and really enjoyed hanging out with the people in my dorm.  Still keep in touch with a few of them, too.

As far as extracurricular activities goes, I was not on a lot of committees or groups.  But I was involved in varsity fencing.  That was a lot of fun.  I had the best time, and we got to travel to all sorts of places for matches.  If you ever get the chance to try fencing, do it!  Nothing better than beating on someone else with a sword.

I also met the Hubby at college.  I met him my freshman year, and we dated my entire college career.  He even proposed on front quad.  (Which is a big deal if you went to Hollins.)  Hubby and I were set up by one of his roommates on a blind date, early in my freshman year.  I went into it thinking I would at least make a friend, and possibly have someone to buy me alcohol.  (Hubby was a senior when I was a freshman.)  But by the end of the year, we were a definite couple.  I think we had even met each others parents.  We have been together ever since.

I loved going to a women's college, and I am proud of the fact that I went to Hollins.  It gave me opportunities I would not have had at a bigger school.

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~Jess said...

I just have to say I would love to learn fencing! DH and I have talked about taking lessons for years, but no one around here does it.

I'd say it sounds like you had a pretty good college experience :-)