Monday, January 19, 2009

Apparently all systems are go!

I did survive the weekend, but I was pretty fried on Sunday. I kept falling asleep right after Hubby took me out to dinner. It was darn pitiful.

The good news is that things seem to be looking all right with my grandfather. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and your prayers. They meant a lot to me. Apparently whatever is causing the blockage is on the outside of the duodenum. (That is the first part of the small intestine for those not in the know.) So they can go in and do an exploratory laparoscopy (way less invasive than a laoparotomy), and hopefully fix the blockage. The other part of the good news is that it is likely not cancer. They have an excellent surgeon, and I really think he will be all right. Likely he will be home by the end of the week. Just a wild (and mildly educated) guess.

Work still seems to be going well. They apparently like to put me in difficult cases because they can. Some days it would be nice to come in and be assigned to a room where the surgeon is not all that tempermental, and the procedures are relatively straightforward. Is that too much to ask? The all-day cases and the complex rob.ot cases can get a little old after a while. I only had one case today, but it was still going when I left work. Apparently this lady was getting the works. She was having a mastectomy, and then getting both her breasts reconstructed. Did I mention we had to flip her on her belly partway through the procedure, and then flip her back on her back? Keeping track of the counts was a chore in itself.

And last, but not least, the IF stuff. I started my period Friday. Yeah, in the middle of all this family and hospital drama, I get my period. Lucky me. That means I had to do the baseline ultrasound today. And I had to get off work early for the baseline ultrasound. I was very happy that it was possible. They even got me off work early enough to go to the wine store on my way. It was a good thing.

Anyway, all systems are go for IUI with injectables, round 2. I start Follistim injections tonight.

On a sort of side note, things are looking up for this RE to work with my RE in Richmond for the IVF, should we need it. Apparently, the Roanoke RE has worked with my Richmond RE before. Hooray. This could work! Now all I need to do is actually contact my RE in Richmond to get that ball rolling. Soon. Really.

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