Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday was a No Good, Very Bad Day!

Maybe some of this is my PMS talking, but I am just sort of grumpy about stuff right now.

Monday did not start out all bad. At work I did a ro.bot case for a grumpy surgeon who cursed at the ro.bot and the guy's anatomy all day. Made for a not fun case. At least I was with a good group of people. That made it not so bad. After the ro.bot case I was told to start to set up an ortho case. I hate doing that because I really do not like ortho, and I feel really clueless. The surgeon was running late, so I did not have to actually do the case. Thank goodness for small favors. At least I got off at three. I was not even asked to stay late.

After work I almost forgot to do my errands. I needed to pick up my prescription and the dog's prescription. While I was picking up my prescription I thought I would try to pick up stuff to help keep my face hair-free. (That will come up again later.) On the way to the vet to pick up the dog's meds, I get rear ended while stopped at a red light. As if I did not have enough to deal with that day. After dealing with that and picking up the dog's meds, it is after 5 PM when I get home. (Remember, I left about 3:15 from work.)

When I get home, I thought I would mess around with the depilatory cream. This was a mistake. It made my face all red and blotchy. At this point, I gave up. I was going to try to attend a meeting at the place I train my dogs. (I want to become a member, but I can never seem to make the meetings. It is a little frustrating.) But after the depilatory incident, I decided that it was a sign that it was time to give it up for the day. I spent the rest of the evening on the couch. (I am tempted to a do a post on that lovely PCOS symptom, hairy lip and chin. I think I am having some issues there.)

Then Hubby gets a call to meet his dad. His dad ended up giving him the Christmas gifts we never got over Christmas. Apparently, Hubby's dad needed to go out of town for a bit and they wanted to deal with this before they left. This really pissed Hubby off. I was already pissed off because I knew that something like this would likely happen. So Hubby spent the rest of the evening in a funk. Not a good time to visit our house.

I am not sure how this day will work out. I have a 12 hour shift ahead of me, four hours of which will be spent training for the new OR computer charting program. Supposedly it will be linked to the computer charting program the rest of the hospital uses. I am not sure if that is good or bad at this point. All I know is that so far, the new computer charting program is a pain in the ass for the OR to use because it is not linked into our current OR charting, so we spend a lot of our time going in between the two programs.

Any friggin' day now. I just know that damn period is around the corner. And no one has called to pay for my fertility meds. I sort of need them soon, otherwise we will not be able to do anything this cycle. Damn it.


~Jess said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! I'm sorry you had such a terrible day! *hugs*

I hope that today goes better for you.

Bella Strega said...

My darling friend, I am in the same boat with you...almost ripped a couple body parts off at work...then discovered that the big M had arrived. Still want to rip body parts, tho. :)

Scruffy plays Feb 28. :)