Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have got to admit it's getting better.

Things are better than I expected in the hospital. My grandfather is awake and alert. They did find a blockage in the small intestine on CT scan. The scope they did the other day did not go far enough to see it. They are doing a longer scope today with the hopes that they will be able to visualize it. I was pretty impressed with general surgeon. He seemed very competent, and acted like a really good surgeon. We should know more after the scope today. They are planning on operating at some point this week.

Unfortunately, my grandfather is still unable to eat. Food will just sit in his stomach because of the blockage. So they will start to feed him through the IV today. He also has to have to NG tube re-placed so there is no further stomach bloating, and so he is less likely to aspirate.

My family has calmed down as well. I am not sure if it is my presence which has calmed them, or if they are calmer simply because they know what the problem is and they are taking steps to deal with it. Things seem to be going well, and I dee no reason why I cannot leave for home on Sunday.

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