Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am surprised I am not going a little batty.

OK. IUI yesterday, waiting today. Just not sure if it will work, but trying to think positive. Even if it does not work, I have an appointment with my Richmond RE for IVF on Thursday. I was very surprised he could see me that quickly, but I think it will work out. At least I hope so.

As if that was not enough going on, there is the situation with my grandfather. The news from the oncologist was not good. Apparently, the cancer is advanced enough that it will not respond to chemo or radiation therapy. The oncologist would not nail down a time frame. I think it is hard for him to see exactly how sick he is while he is recovering from major surgery. I hope that the oncologist will re-assess after my grandfather heals some. He may be able to give us a time frame then. My family is already looking at hospice care and when that may happen. I think that would be a good thing all around. Hospice nurses have to have a special touch.

I am sort of worried about my family. My mother and my aunt have to come to terms with the fact that their father is going to die. I think that is hard on anyone. But the person I am most worried about is my grandmother. She has built her life around caring for my grandfather. To lose your significant other must feel like losing a piece of yourself. She may rally eventually, but at first she will likely be lost.
At least with this situation, she has some time to come to terms with the loss. I do not think it helps the grieving process any, but I hope it helps somehow.


Duck said...

Good luck with the 2ww.
Hope you don't have to move onto the IVF train.

PJ said...

The bestest of luck with this IUI!!!

Is Richmond closer than Charlottesville? My doctors are pretty good.

I'm sorry about your grandfather. I know that's got to be a tough thing to deal with.

Ann said...

We had our IUI today and will be walking this 2ww with you. Also keeping your family in my prayers as they walk this journey. *hugs*

andrea said...

big hugs and good thoughts on all accounts...