Monday, January 26, 2009

Cooter cam appointment this afternoon

Cooter cam appointment was a success. I did my bloodwork before work, which was really early because I had to play with the robot today. RE said that my bloodwork looked good. Hooray! All of my follicles seem to be on the right side this time, and I only have about 3. Hopefully one or two of them will be good eggs. I go back for another cooter cam appointment on Wednesday. RE said that we would likely trigger on Wednesday. I think that means that the insemination will be Thursday. I doubt work will be happy about me slipping out early on Wednesday, and late on Thursday. But there you are. At least one of my managers understands, so it should be all right.

Grandfather is back in the hospital, though. Apparently, the blockage reappeared or something, so they are going to do a laparotomy and resect that area of the small intestine. I suspect that they are also going to check and make sure that there is nothing else going on. He is otherwise healthy, so I suspect he will come through this without too many complications.

Still have not gotten my schedule for the next month. Not that it would matter, I do not have any time today or tomorrow to call and make any kind of appointment. Wednesday or Thursday is my next best shot at calling my Richmond RE and making an appointment. Hopefully I will have my schedule by then.


Guera! said...

Hope your grandfather is ok and surgery goes well!

~Jess said...

I'm sorry your grandpa is back in the hospital. I'm hoping this cycle will be awesomely good.

I hate having to miss work for IF, but my having a baby is more important to me than work.
Good luck!

Ann said...

"Cooter Cam" ... that's awesome. However... I DID think Dukes of Hazzard at first. *smirk*

Praying for your GrandPappy. *hugs*