Friday, January 30, 2009

IUI today. Let the wait begin!

I have my IUI at 9 AM this morning, then I have to go into work. I am not assigned to a room, so I will likely be bounced around all day. How not fun. If I am lucky, I will get to finish a room at 3 PM.

I looked at my calendar yesterday, and I realized that with the IUI today, my period will be due Valentine's day weekend. So Valentine's day will either really suck or be really great. Not a lot of in between. We are going to be at my parents that weekend, so maybe they will be a distraction for us. I do not know.

I have been trying to make an appointment with my RE in Richmond. (My guess would be that he would want to see me first, before starting anything. It has been over a year since he has seen me.) Or at least figure out the first step toward IVF. Between my schedule and theirs, I do not think I will have a whole lot of luck until one of my days off. I am really hard to reach at work. My next day off is next week. All I can do is keep trying, I guess. I really want to go back to this doctor, because I liked him. If I cannot get in touch with him, I guess it was not meant to be. And I will try somewhere else. I think there is a clinic in Charlottesville which is supposed to be good.

I think I am not feeling very hopeful at the moment.


Mrs. Higrens said...

A 9AM IUI? Color me jealous - even with self pickup, the earliest the Richmond clinic I'm with will schedule is 10:20.

Which is where I am going to be tomorrow morning. Right there with you on the testing and period!

Hope all went well for you!

~Jess said...

I have my fingers crossed for you. I'm not hopefully about this cycle either. Perhaps we'll both be pleasantly surprised.

I think my beta will be on 1/16...just as well. We have a birthday party to go to for my cousin on the 14th.

GOOD LUCK! *hugs*

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Just the best of luck!