Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Day Back

Actually went pretty well. I worked with a scrub tech who fussed at me if I tried to pick up anything heavy. I ended up circulating all day, which is the physically easier task. I only did two cases, but they were doozies. The first case was a hernia repair on a very large man. My scrub tech insisted I get moving help when we needed to move the patient, and made sure I did not help to move the patient at all. That case actually went well, and relatively smoothly. It was a good surgeon, and a relatively simple case. We got a break in between cases, which I really needed. (The progesterone is really wiping me out.)

The next case was an exploratory laparotomy with our trauma surgeon, and those are usually crazy cases. They do not know what they need until they get inside. In this case, we had the added bonus of a gyn surgeon who needed to repair some pelvic mesh. (The gyn surgeon was actually pretty happy to see me because I actually have a clue about the gyn stuff.) The circulator was running the entire time. Fortunately, I had a second person to help me circulate, so I pretty much did the chart, and let the other person do the running. Worked for me.

Got home and just collapsed. Sad because it was only an 8 hour day. I was pretty darn tired. Hubby made me shepherd's pie for dinner, which is in the oven cooking right now, It smells really good, and I think I am almost ready for dinner. I hope it is ready soon!


'Murgdan' said...

Hey...if nothing kept your mind occupied. ;-) How nice of your hubby to make you such a good dinner!

Lorza said...

Glad you had a relativly 'easy' day! Also a wonderful homecooked meal. YEAH!!!!

Queenie. . . said...

I hope the next week flies by for you!