Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where did they come from?

This is going to be another pregnancy symptoms post. Sorry about that, but there is not really anything going on right now. I am just waiting for my ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon.

I had heard that one of the effects of pregnancy was that your tits would get bigger. I thought that mine surely would not get that big, because I was already a C cup. How much bigger do they need to be? Boy was I wrong! The girls have grown considerably over the past week. And they are sensitive, so I can really feel that they are larger. They are big enough that they can sort of get in my way. Hubby thinks this development is just grand. He will take big tits however he can get them. (Just like a boy.)

Nausea is still in effect, but not to terrible. I think I am managing the nausea all right, so it has not really affected me too badly. I love my ginger ale, though. I am still very tired, which comes with the territory. Hubby still likes me to do all the stuff I used to do, but is beginning to understand that I get really tired, really fast. I prefer being active, but I am trying to listen to my body and slow down when I can.

The four day weekend is really nice. The time off is really wonderful. I spend most of my time just relaxing. And that is fine.
My first ultrasound is on Tuesday with the Apprentice. I cannot believe I am 6 weeks already!


Duck said...

WOW - hope you have a great u/s. i shut down my blog, not a big deal, all is okay, and I will continue to follow along here!

andrea said...

sounds perfectly normal! :)
the tiredness was honestly the hardest thing for me to deal with.

enjoy your weekend and i can't wait to hear how tuesday goes!

annacyclopedia said...

My hubby is enjoying my new bumps, too, although I am a woman of small boob, and therefore these solid masses I now sport are somewhat of a novelty to both of us.

And yay for 6 weeks!