Friday, May 1, 2009

A Nice Morning Ruined (Sort of)

I really hate it when I read my work schedule wrong. I thought all I had to do was report to a class this afternoon. I was looking forward to a relaxing morning easing back into the work mindset. But I was apparently supposed to be at work this morning. They called me to let me know this info. On the bright side, they did not need me to come in, so I guess that is good. Now I feel awful for getting my schedule incorrect.

Oh yeah, and the hot flashes are not making my life any better. I break out in sweat, and then cool off, only to break out in a sweat again a few minutes later. It is worse with activity. I hope this is a good thing.

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Lorza said...

THAT SUCKS!!! I have done that a few times..but mostly I would show up for work and not be scheduled...then they say "Since you are here we are two nurses down..." UGH.